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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a single, working mom to one amazing daughter. I love Jesus, family, cats, Young Living Essential Oils, and Disney. This is my way of sharing about my life through words and photo with the rest of the world.


Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure!

Quick & easy valentine's charcuterie board
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Looking for a quick and easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids? Check this out!


Baking is one of my favorite winter activities. These delicious cookies will have you rethinking how you bake chocolate chip cookies. Join my daughter and I as we bake some delicious treats.

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies
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32 Seconds....... warning: this content may be triggering
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Have you ever considered how quickly life can change? For me, it happened in just 32 seconds.


I am drawing on my professional experience to share some wisdom with college students, those headed for higher education, and maybe even their parents. These are pieces of advice from my perspective as an academic advisor that either I wish I had known when I was in college or that I think many students are never told.

Advice from a College Advisor
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Here's to Thirty-six

Find out my thoughts on 2020, turning 36, and starting the new year.

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My birthday and New Years are just days apart. Both of these bring about thoughts of what happened during the previous year and what I want to happen in the next.

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Amy bishop

I am a single mom to one amazing daughter. I work in higher education and have my MS in Psychology. I am very close with my family, in fact, my mom and my sister both live with us. We have 2 indoor cats and lots of squirrel neighbors. I love Jesus and became a Christian at a young age. I am passionate about mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and ending domestic violence. I have suffered from a number of chronic illnesses for many years and lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in 2017, so I am also an advocate for bringing awareness and finding a cure for these. My family loves doing puzzles and playing board games. Finally (but certainly not least of all), I love all things Disney, especially Disney World.

Amy bishop

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