Top 3 Winter Activities

Living in the unofficial snow capital of Indiana means that we experience our fair share of dreary, cold days. Our family is not big on the outdoors, so finding things to do inside is important. Here are some of our favorite winter activities.


I have always loved baking. I got that from my mom. I remember everyone always raved about her Christmas cookies. One day, even she admitted that my cookies often taste better than hers. Check out my recipe for Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies.


We love puzzles! I remember my mom always had a puzzle going when we were kids. Puzzles can be good for all ages, from learning puzzles for kids to 1000+ piece works of art. I was recently gifted a 3D puzzle from PuzzleCraft store and we cannot wait for a cold day to work on it!

Board Games

Another fun family activity that we love is family game night. Now that my daughter is older (is 5 really that old though?), she is really enjoying playing games with us. My sister and I always used Christmas break from school to play a really long game of Monopoly, so I am really happy that my daughter enjoys games too! Our family loves everything from trivia to cards to strategy games. Villainous is one of our top picks for strategy while Catopoly is a great one for my daughter to learn about money.

So, there you have it! My three favorite things to do when the weather turns colder. And, yes, we do go out into the snow sometimes (or rather, my daughter does). But isn't is better to stay in and be warm?

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