How to Make Bubble Waffles the Perfect Super Bowl Snack
I know there are lots of traditional snacks for the big game...I would like to introduce you to a tasty new option.

I know there are lots of traditional snacks for the big game such as nachos, wings, and meatballs. I would like to introduce you to a tasty new option. At least, it's new to me.

My sister ordered a bubble waffle maker from QVC because she remembered enjoying them when she lived in California. I had never heard of such a thing. I immediately started looking up ideas on Pinterest. I started to think about the ways these could be used for a yummy treat for various occasions, including while watching the Super Bowl.

My sister found a recipe to make bubble waffles (also called Hong Kong egg waffles) online. It included flour, sugar, egg, vanilla, and corn starch. We ended up needing to make 2 batches because the yield showed 8 servings, but we definitely did not end up with 8 waffles. That is something to keep in mind when you try these. There are TONS of ways to jazz up these waffles, but we decided to go with one savory and one sweet to start.

Savory: Chicken & Waffles

For the savory option, we chose chicken and waffles because it is a classic. We decided not to reduce the amount of sugar the recipe called for, but that is something you could consider if you prefer a more subtle waffle flavor. This was SO simple to make.

Simply make the waffles according to the directions in your recipe. Heat and cut up some frozen breaded chicken breasts. Drizzle with honey. You can either make yours as a wrap. I liked putting it into the paper cone (which would be really fun and hands-free for a Super Bowl party). Or you can eat it in the traditional plate and fork manner.

Sweet: Ice Cream Oreo Waffles

Before starting our sweet waffles, we realized that we had to make more waffle batter. Unfortunately, we did not have any more melted butter available. Rather than pause waffle production while we melted butter, I tried out a hack my mom heard about recently. Hover over the link below to see what we did.

Melted Butter Hack

If you do not have access to melted butter, shred the butter using your grater. This softens the butter and allows it to mix into the batter successfully.

For the sweet waffles, we made the same recipe as before. Then we added vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos, and whipped cream.

There are a lot of other options that you could try. For example, you could add hot fudge or caramel syrup. You could try adding the Oreos into the batter. Having a waffle bar with various toppings would be an excellent idea if you have a lot of people at a party that may have different taste preferences. The sky is the limit with these tasty treats. If you really want to get wild and crazy, you could go the traditional route and smother your bubble waffle in syrup!

I would love to hear what you decide to make with your bubble waffle maker. Will you choose sweet or savory?

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