A Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board How To
Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, so I decided to try my hand at putting one together.

Valentine's Day has never been one of my favorite holidays. I know, the girl that loves pink, hearts, and glitter is not a Valentine's Day fan? It is a little surprising. When I was in 7th grade, my dad told my sister and I on February 14, that he was divorcing our mom. I took it really hard. From that moment on, I hated the day.

I kind of assumed that as I got older, I might get over it once I started dating. However, other than my ex-husband, I have never been in a relationship on Valentine's Day. So, it does not hold the same lovey feelings for me that it does for others.

Luckily, as a mom, I know that I will always have my very own Valentine. I don't want my daughter to grow up not enjoying the fun that this holiday can bring. That is why we did the Love Tree craft that I talked about in a previous post even though I am not crafty at all.

What about a tasty treat?

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, so I decided to try my hand at putting one together. I have seen many that are very fancy, but I decided to get things that were inexpensive and make it look simple but cute.

You can really use anything you want on a charcuterie board. You can also make them look however you want. Here is what I used:

  • Cutting Board & Heart cutters
  • Cute signs from Dollar General
  • Heart-shaped Hershey's Milk Chocolates
  • Fudge Covered Oreos
  • Mother's X's & O's Cookies 
  • Heart-shaped Peanut Butter Cups

As I said, charcuterie boards can be put together just about any way you choose. Some people make them packed in with goodies. I decided to leave mine a bit more sparse to keep it simple.

I placed the Oreos in the center of the board in a heart shape. Then I built things around it using the cookie cutters. Once done, I scattered the remaining chocolates around the board. Finally, I added the signs for a fun aesthetic.

I would love to hear what sort of items you would add to your Valentine's Day charcuterie board or what special treats you share with your kids to show them some love. Comment below and be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on any upcoming blogs.
Valentine Board
All the treats, all the sweets
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  1. I am totally with you on making sure your daughter enjoys the fun parts about this holiday. Even though I am married, my husband has never been fond of this holiday so we never really celebrate it much. Like you, I have made it all about making my daughter feel loved and special as well. I make her fun gift baskets every year.

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