How to Use Essential Oils for Mental Health Support
A discussion on how I have used essential oils to support my mental health.

In previous blog posts, I shared some of the traumatic experiences from my past including my pregnancy and the bank robbery. These events, among others, contributed to many mental health struggles for me including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety (GAD), depression, and post-partum anxiety and depression (PPA/PPD). I take medications but I supplement those with exercise and essential oils.

I want to share my best tips for using essential oils to support your mental health. I'll start off with a list of some of the oils that I use for certain circumstances. Under the list you'll find an explanation of how and why I use these particular oils.

*Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and these are not a replacement for traditional medicines. You should always follow your doctor's orders and check with them before adding anything into your routine to ensure it does not interact with your medications.

Anxious Feelings
Sad Feelings
All the Feels
  • Lavender
  • Calm CBD
  • Valor
  • Citrus oils
  • Peppermint
  • Christmas Spirit
  • Peace & Calming
  • Stress Away
  • Frankincense

Anxious Feelings

Anxious Oils



Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils there is. It can be used to support so many different things from bumps and scrapes to relaxation. When I first started using essential oils, I was not sure if I really liked the scent, but I knew that lavender is well-known for its calming effects. I stuck with it and put drops of this oil on my wrists when I am feeling especially anxious. I also diffuse this a lot at bedtime for not only my own benefit but for my daughter so that she can sleep easier through the night. Now, lavender is one of my favorite oils and I add it to many of the roller blends that I make for myself and others.

BONUS INFO: Young Living now offers Lavender Aroma Rings. These are AMAZING! When my mom had open heart surgery in August 2020, I used one to keep myself grounded and calm. As an added benefit, it helped my hospital mask smell SO much better!

Calm CBD

Calm CBD
Calm CBD comes as a convenient roll-on. It has CBD oil from Nature's Ultra and is infused with several Young Living essential oils including lavender, frankinsence, and Ylang Ylang. I keep this by my bed to use when I've had a stressful day or when I am having trouble falling asleep because my mind is racing. I roll it onto my neck or my feet and it helps me relax and quiets my mind.

BONUS INFO: My mom has issues with "jumpy legs" when she lays down at night. A quick swipe on each leg of Calm CBD and she is able to relax.


Valor is like courage in a bottle. A drop of this on the wrist or the spine prior to a stress-inducing situation can help bolster the spirit. For example, a lot of people find giving speeches to be extremely stressful. Using this oil may give a confidence boost that will help them shine. Its woodsy scent can help with grounding and starting the day with a positive attitude.

BONUS INFO: Commit to a drop of Valor on the spine every day for 30 days and report back to me how you feel. I took this challenge 2 years ago and the next time I went to the doctor, I was 2 inches taller. I am not saying that this oil caused me to suddenly grow taller, but perhaps it helped me stand taller with confidence and release some tension from my spine. Who knows?

Sad Feelings

Sad Oils

Citrus Oils

Citrus Fresh

There are multiple citrus oils, all of which can really boost the mood. Young Living offers citrus oils such as Bergamot, Lemon, and Orange. All of these are like sunshine in a bottle and are considered very uplifting. My personal favorite citrus oil is actually a mix of orange, tangerine, and spearmint called Citrus Fresh. I love to diffuse this in the morning when I am dreading work and need to wake up fast.

BONUS INFO: The Vitality line of citrus oils from Young Living can be used in water to give a flavorful boost.


Peppermint is my "gateway oil." I say that because it is the first oil I used and I was hooked. I first started using it to help with head tension while I was going through my divorce. It helped so much with boosting my mood, that just the scent of it now puts me in a happier head space. This is another oil that helps to support your body and mind in so many different ways. If you were only to choose one or two oils to try, I recommend this and Lavender above anything else.

BONUS INFO: Combine lemon, lavender, and peppermint (LLP) in a diffuser or roller bottle during allergy season to help support those sneezy, itchy eyes days (just never put it in your eyes!!).

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit
You know that feeling you get on Christmas morning, when the kids are excited that Santa came and even though you are exhausted from staying up late wrapping, you feel contentment because the hard work paid off? That is what Christmas Spirit smells like. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, just the scent of it will put you in that Christmas morning mindset. Imagine cinnamon, orange, and spruce coming together to boost your mood. This is one of my family's all-time favorite oils. My daughter is obsessed with it!

BONUS INFO: Young Living sells Christmas Spirit Foaming Hand Soap for a limited time each year when their holiday catalog is released. Mark your calendars now so that you don't miss out on this amazing way to keep your hands clean!

All the Feels

All the Feels

Peace & Calming


I will be honest with you. I am not really a fan of Peace & Calming, but it would be wrong for me to talk about supporting mental health and leave out this heavy hitter. As the name suggests, this oil blend evokes feelings of peace and calming. Use it at bedtime for a restful night. I diffuse Peace & Calming for my daughter at bedtime quite often. If this oil's so great, why don't I care for it? One of the oils in the blend is Patchouli (along with Blue Tansy, Orange, and Tangerine), which I am NOT a fan of at all.

BONUS INFO: Combine this oil with Frankincense for the perfect roll-on to use when your kids are in a mood. You know the one: screaming, won't listen, crying, writhing on the floor. We call this blend the Tantrum Oil.

Stress Away


Stress Away (Photo credit:

Stress Away is a blend of Lime, Vanilla extract, Lavender, Copaiba, Cedarwood, and Ocotea. It is perfect for those stressful moments when you need an instant calm-me-down. With the citrus mood lifter and the calming lavender and cedarwood, it is a winner. My sister loves the scent so much that she says it is like a vacation in a bottle. Roll it on or place a drop on the back of your neck when you're feeling tense.

BONUS INFO: Diffuse this with Thieves and experience the scent of homemade apple pie.



Frankincense, or Frank for short, is the jack-of-all-trades oil. It is great for any situation and supports the mind and body in every way. There is a reason this is an ancient oil of the Bible and was a gift given to Baby Jesus. Diffuse it during prayer for a calming, peaceful environment. If you'd like to know more ways that this oil can be used in your everyday life, I would love to share!

BONUS INFO: My daughter calls this the "Good Dream Oil" because we diffuse it at bedtime when she is feeling scared. It helps to protect the mind from intrusive thoughts.

I would love to hear your questions and thoughts on essential oils. How have you used them or are you looking for more information on how they can benefit your life? Leave me a comment below.
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