Dollar Store Craft: How to Refresh an Old Wreath
Being a good mom is NOT about your (or my) ability to craft or be like those "perfect" moms that we see all over social media.
Let me start off by saying, I am not crafty. I believe I mentioned this in my Valentine's Day craft blog. However, I really wish that I was especially because my daughter loves to craft and I don't want to disappoint her. That is why I have been joining blog groups that have crafting trains - to try to improve my craftiness.

Background Information

Cross and flowers

This craft is meant to be something that can be done using items that are sold at a dollar store. The Dollar Tree in my town is really shady, for lack of a better word. It is not like the stores I see influencers posting about on social media. Therefore, I did not feel comfortable going there to shop. However, we do have several Dollar Generals in town, so I decided to check out their selection.

It was not a great week for their seasonal aisle, but I was able to settle on fake flowers and a felt cross with lace on it. I thought I could weave the flowers around the cross and make it really pop as an Easter decoration for my house. Unfortunately, that plan did not work out so well. It looked terrible and I ended up crying because I do not like to fail at things. For whatever reason, I have started associating crafting with being a good mother. So, I thought that I had to do this well or it was a reflection on my mothering skills.

Being a good mom is NOT about your (or my) ability to craft or be like those "perfect" moms that we see all over social media. I even mentioned in my very first blog (my daughter's birth story) that my page was not meant to show unrealistic expectations of motherhood. It was meant to be real, which is why I share the story of my breakdown over the craft fail. My mom and sister reminded me that my daughter will craft with or without me and that she loves me no matter what. That doesn't mean I won't try my best to get better at crafting (I do not like to fail, after all). However, I will try not to associate my crafting skills with my worth as a mom.
Flower weaving
Flowers and cross

Wreathed in Craftiness

A few years ago, my sister made a spring wreath from items she found at a dollar store (or maybe at Hobby Lobby, who knows?). It is a foam wreath wrapped in ribbon with straight pins holding on the ribbon. There used to be flowers hot glued to the wreath, but they are long gone, as is some of the ribbon.

My sister suggested updating the wreath using the flowers I bought for my failed cross craft. It is by far the simplest craft ever, but it actually turned out looking really pretty. 

Here are the steps to updating that old foam wreath:

Wreath and flowers
  • Take an old wreath (or buy a new one, if you don't have an old one)
  • Re-wrap or secure the ribbon around the wreath (if using a new wreath, wrap ribbon around and secure randomly with straight pins)
  • Cut fake flowers one inch (or less) below the flower
  • Poke flowers into the foam (I put them where the ribbon was missing, but you can put them anywhere you want on the wreath)
  • Some flowers may need secured with straight pins if they do not have the metal stems
  • Attach a small piece of ribbon at the top with 2 straight pins to use as a hangar

Guess what!! It's a blog train!
A few GalPals have gotten together to share with you our favorite spring dollar store crafts.
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