How to: Mastering Disney World in 2021 – Part 2
I like to do quick order places for actual meals...and let's not forget about the AMAZING snacks that Disney offers!
In my previous blog on Mastering Disney World in 2021, I gave tips on the preparation that goes into a trip to the happiest place on Earth. This blog will focus on all things food-related.

You Gotta Eat

I mentioned previously that you need to make dining reservations for the sit down restaurants in advance. This ensures you get a table, especially with the limited capacity. But what if you do not have a dining reservation? What do you eat?
You have lots of options outside of the restaurants that require reservations. I like to do quick order places for actual meals...and let's not forget about the AMAZING snacks that Disney offers!

Mobile Ordering

There are quick order places in each of the parks, in the resorts, and at Disney Springs. The great thing about most of these is that you can do a mobile order. That means that you choose your arrival window and place your order, check-in when you get to the restaurant, pay by phone, and grab your food from the counter when it is ready. This helps reduce the crowds at the counters and keeps the seating area in a constant rotation of people. Most of the restaurants that have indoor seating will require you to show your phone as proof that your order is ready before they will let you enter. Don't have access to a smart phone? Don't worry! There is often a cast member outside the restaurant with a tablet to assist.
Sandwich and fries

Looking to save a little money? Try ordering off of the kids' menu when placing your mobile orders. You still get plenty of food and a drink, without paying that extra money.

For example: At our resort (Pop Century), we ordered the kids' chicken strip meal. It came with 2 chicken strips, 2 sides, and a drink. We substituted the 2 sides for 2 orders of French fries. This was definitely enough to satisfy and left room for a tasty treat in our stomachs and our wallets!

Chocolate mousse
Pro Tip


Let's be honest, Disney is known for their delicious treats. You can search just about any blog or Pinterest board to find all of the amazing things they offer. That being said, I still wanted to share some of my favorites with you:
  • Dole Whip (Try it as a float - you will NOT be disappointed) - Magic Kingdom
  • Ice cream (Disney ice cream is just SO good!) - Disney Springs
  • Popcorn (This is a great snack to have if you have a late lunch or dinner reservation and do not want to ruin your appetite) - Anywhere
  • Ice cream sandwich (Yes, this is different than just ice cream - it is HUGE and comes on the biggest, tastiest chocolate chip cookies) - Animal Kingdom
  • Popsicle (My daughter had a strawberry lemonade one at Animal Kingdom - it was really good and I am not a popsicle person)
  • Wookie Cookie (This is like a grown-up oatmeal cream pie - find it in Hollywood Studios and thank me later)
  • Donuts from Joffreys (Don't make the same mistake I made and order one for everyone - they are HUGE but SO good) - Anywhere
  • Night Blossom (This is a slushie drink and was honestly one of my favorite things we had on our trip. It has apple, desert pear, and passion fruit. I plan to make a copycat soon, so watch my blog for that in the future) - Pongu Pongu in Animal Kingdom
  • Cookies & Cream Cupcake (This has whipped topping on a chocolate cupcake with Mickey Mouse ear chocolates on top) - Pop Century Resort
Dole Whip
Ice Cream
Ice cream sandwich

Water can be quite pricey and I am a water snob. I only like to drink bottled water. When my sister suggested that we get free cups of water to drink and pour into a water bottle of our own, I was leery. I do NOT like tap water. However, Disney water is quite refreshing and did not have that metallic, tap taste. Don't get me wrong, we bought out fair share of bottled water, but free is better, am I right?

Chocolate mousse
Pro Tip

Themed Eats

Disney is known for their themes. They take everything to the next level. All you need to do is walk around Galaxy's Edge to see that. Everything is Star Wars related, right down to the Coke bottles shaped like droids. It should come as no surprise when I tell you that they even have holiday-themed food. Although our recent trip did not bump into any holidays, my sister went to Disney close to Halloween and Christmas in 2020, and got to experience some of those delicious treats.

The best place to pick up some themed food? Epcot!

We did not go to Epcot this trip; however, it is well-known for their food. Each country has themed dishes representing their country. In addition, they have themed foods during the various holidays that represent their country and Disney. And don't even get me started on the Food and Wine Festival.


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