Top 10: Spring Cleaning Check-List with Free Printable
When Spring comes around, the house (and the people) need to be aired out!
When preparing to write this blog, I was thinking about the origin of spring cleaning. Who decided that Spring meant that we clean out the house? If you're interested in some of the history on it, check out the Wikipedia page on it where you can read about different religious and holiday customs that it could be linked to. But really, if you think about it, spring cleaning kind of makes sense.
I live in Northwest Indiana, which means that winter is long, snowy, and usually dirty (just look at a snow pile that won't melt because of the dirt that got pushed into it). We spend long, grey days inside the house. When Spring comes around, the house (and the people) need to be aired out! I am sure you have your own ideas on what needs to be cleaned, but here I will provide a handy checklist that can help remind you about some of the important areas to clean this Spring.


Perhaps it is because mine just went on the fritz, but the refrigerator was the first item I thought to put on this list. Perhaps you are not like my family and only buy items that get eaten right away. However, if you are anything like us, sometimes things get pushed to the back of the fridge or freezer and need to be tossed. If that's you, no shame because I am right there with you! Take this time to rearrange and give yourself some room to try a new treat!


Just like the fridge, sometimes the pantry ends up with food that just does not get eaten. Check out what you have in there. Anything close to expiration could be donated to a local food pantry so that it does not go to waste, if you are not going to eat it before it goes bad.


I have cats and I have a 5-year-old. They all like to look out the windows and they all cannot seem to keep their noses or their paws/fingers off of the glass. Spring means sunshine and I do not want the sun blocked out by smudges. While you're at it, you may as well clean the outside of the windows too.


As you switch from furnace to air conditioner, this is a good time to clean out the vents and the air returns. You don't want dust build up on them.


I know that carpets get vacuumed regularly, but what about shampooed (other than spot treatments)? As I said, our winter is long and messy. There is no point in doing a major carpet cleaning until the weather changes. Once things warm up, the salt needs to be cleaned out and forgotten about until the next winter.


Closet cleaning means a few things. First, you can use Spring as the time to transition from the winter clothes to your warmer weather wardrobe. While you do that, take some time to throw out any clothes that got ruined beyond repair but you were holding on to because it was "just so cute". Additionally, we like to take this time to make a donation pile of clothes that we don't like or that no longer fit, but are still able to be loved by others.
Spring cleaning
Spring Cleaning checklist
As a Market Partner with Monat, I get boxes filled with my favorite hair care products. Can I recycle the boxes? Of course. However, Monat has a really awesome way to recycle those boxes. Their boxes can be filled with clothes to donate. Then you can log onto the website, print a free shipping label, and send those donations via USPS to others in need.
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While I really hope you clean your bathroom regularly, I am not judging one way or the other. Either way, Spring is a good time to do a deep clean on your bathroom.
As a mom and a pet owner, it is important to me to use products that are safe to be in the house. Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living is an all-around cleaner infused with essential oils. It is plant-based, toxin- and fragrance-free, and gentle enough that even kids can use it!
Thieves Household Cleaner can be used on any surface. We use it on the windows, counters, toilet, tub, faucets, dishes, clothes, masks, and more!
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Although Fall is more commonly associated with yard cleanup (I have 2 giant trees that lose TONS of leaves), Spring is also an important time to tidy the lawn. I already know that my yard has branches that came down during a snow and ice storm. I will need to clean those up once things thaw (and the mud hardens again after the snow melts). Additionally, flower beds and gardens should be prepped (or so I've heard - I have a black thumb).

Winter Essentials Storage

As the weather warms up, the time for cozy sweaters and heavy blankets ends. Spring is a good time to get those and your winter coat cleaned. Then store them away so that they are ready to be pulled out again next year.

Change Batteries

When is the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke detector? What about your carbon monoxide alarm? Use the start of Spring and Fall (or the time change) as a reminder to swap out those batteries so that you ensure year-round protection.
Spring cleaning


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4 thoughts on “Top 10: Spring Cleaning Check-List with Free Printable

  1. Excellent list and reasoning! Will definitely be using this to help organize my spring cleaning. FUN FACT: My dad’s side of the family is in southern Indiana. I love it there, but really have only spent summers there. Didn’t realize how long your winter was!

    1. Well, in Southern Indiana, it isn’t as long. Northwest Indiana is right off of Lake Michigan and we get hit hard. Snow capital of the state.

  2. Such a handy checklist! My vents definitely need a dust out. Thanks for the reminder. Also, I had no idea that Monat offers free shipping for donations with their boxes.

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