Four Simple and Fun Outdoor Springtime Activities for Kids
One of my favorite memories is the Easter Egg Hunt that my dad and step-mom put on for my daughter.
As the weather warms up, I start to think about ways to get my daughter some fresh air. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the great outdoors. (Yes, I know it's good for you, but I have an autoimmune disorder that causes me to react poorly to the sun). So, I try to think of things that my daughter can do for short periods of time or that she can do while I watch through the window. Here are some of our favorites.
**Note: Not all of these photos are recent and/or from Spring.**
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Last year my daughter got a new bicycle with training wheels. She absolutely loves it. The bike has a seat that fits her favorite friend (Piggie from the Gerald and Piggie books) and she has a fun Elsa crown helmet. Although our neighborhood does not have sidewalks, they did pave the road that runs alongside our house. My daughter calls it the "smoothie" road and she can really "ZOOM!" As an added bonus, we are able to take walks as a family, which is great for all of us...especially my mom (who had open heart surgery in 2020).



One of my daughter's absolute favorite things to do is blow bubbles. Again, I am the less-than-perfect mom that HATES them! I do not like sticky things. So, we often compromise and she gets bubble machines. Then she can enjoy the bubbles without having to mess with a sticky wand.
Butterfly bubbles


My daughter loves sidewalk chalk. Last year, she got sparkly sidewalk chalk from the Easter Bunny. There are so many kinds of chalk and it is a great way to get creative. Even the adults in the house have fun with it. The Easter Bunny even surprised my daughter by drawing on the outdoor patio before hopping on to the next house.
Easter fun
He is Risen

Easter Egg Hunt

What is more iconic of outdoor fun than an Easter Egg Hunt? When we are able to get together with family to do fun activities for Easter, we always assign each kid their own color egg to hunt for. This helps cut down on competition, especially when there is a big age difference between the kids.
Egg hunt
Hunting eggs
One of my favorite memories is the Easter Egg Hunt that my dad and step-mom put on for my daughter. It was the Easter before my dad passed away. My dad was very sick from pancreatic cancer, but he made it a point to get out and help my daughter look for those eggs. I have video of it and everytime it pops up in my memories, I tear up thinking of the years that we don't get to spend together. However, it also makes me so happy that my daughter had that moment with her papa and we know that we will see him again someday in Heaven thanks to the Resurrection of Jesus (which is the true reason for Easter).

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  1. Aw, love the story of your dad. So glad he and your daughter were able to create that wonderful memory.

    Also, have each kid hunt for a different color egg? That’s genius. Competition in any form gives me anxiety. Such a great way to make sure everyone has a fair shot and lots of fun!

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