“Restore Our Earth” Day 2021 with Free Printables for Kids
Earth Day has themes. Who knew?
Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day, which started in 1970. I just learned today that Earth Day has themes. Who knew? This year's theme, according to EarthDay.org, is "Restore Our Earth."
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Restore Our Earth

What does this theme mean? Feel free to do more in-depth research on your own, but I wanted to give a very brief overview here. "Restore Our Earth" is meant to put focus on helping the Earth's various ecosystems, new green technology, and changing the way we think to bring about new and innovative ideas. There are 5 focus areas, or pillars, that are being focused on:
The Canopy Project
The Canopy Project is a global initiative to plant trees around the world. Some of the projects this initiative covers include reforestation in areas with major needs and planting trees after natural disasters. You can donate $1 to donate one tree at the link above.
Food and Environment
Another initiative this Earth Day is helping teach people how their "foodprint" impacts the environment. A foodprint is calculated by how the growing, harvesting, production, transportation, and storage of the food we consume has on natural resources. Information on how to reduce your foodprint can be found here.
The Great Global Cleanup
There is a big push for cleaning up the world this year, as there is every Earth Day. People are encouraged to form group cleanups, when possible. I even learned a new word: plogging. This is picking up garbage while jogging. (Honestly, both things sound miserable to me, but if that's what you want to do for the enviornment, then go for it!).
Climate Literacy
EarthDay.org is working to implement climate and environmental education in all schools around the world. They feel that this will help children grow up to understand how they impact the world around them.
Global Earth Challenge
This is an opportunity for everyday people to help collect data for science. They call this "citizen science." More information on the app that allows you to become a part of the action can be found here.

Ways to Restore Our Earth

Here are a few ideas on how we can all celebrate Earth Day, not just on April 22, but everyday!

Fun for the Kids

You know I couldn't celebrate a holiday without something fun! Here are some fun printables for your kiddos to help them focus on the Earth.
Earth Day coloring
Have fun with this coloring sheet
You can find the PDF here.
Restore our Earth

Join us GalPals as we celebrate Mother Earth.
Check out what my GalPals are doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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