How To: Showing Teacher Appreciation Through Crafts, Printables, Etc.
Teachers deserve the world!
Fun Fact: Teacher Appreciation Day used to be in March before it was moved to its current week-long celebration in May.
Teachers are incredible and deserve thanks all year, not just during a random week in May. However, I am really glad that there is a special time to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve! I told my daughter's Kindergarten teacher many times that she is truly a saint! I don't know how she handles a room full of 5- and 6-year-olds in person, let alone keeping them under control while virtual! I definitely was not cut out for elementary school teaching, so I am thankful that there are people willing to take on such a task!
In the spirit of appreciation, I have put together some ideas that can be used for gifting and showing just how much the teachers in our children's lives matter.

Showing Appreciation

I have compiled a few different ideas for Teacher Appreciation. Some of them are homemade, some are bought, but no matter what you choose: remember to say "THANK YOU" for all that they do! Each list item has a hyperlink to something that fits within its category.

Teacher Appreciation 2021

This year, for Teacher Appreciation Week, the parents were asked to purchase items from a list of supplies to send in for the classroom. I absolutely will do this! But I also plan to have my daughter take in something special for her teacher and for the aides in the classroom.


We got a Cricut earlier this year and have been looking for ways to use it. One of the fun ways we have been experimenting with is making stickers! So, we used the paint program on my computer to design stickers with each of the teachers' names. This seemed like a fun, personal touch that gives them a one-of-a-kind gift.


I also designed a little printable questionnaire that my daughter can answer and give to her teacher. This will allow the teacher to always remember something special about this year. You can find a PDF version of this on my Freebies page.
Teacher Day

I'd love to know your ideas for gifting to teachers. Comment below with your ideas!

Teacher Appreciation

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