The Ultimate Road Trip Printables for Kids
This will provide some much needed distraction from the constant, "Are we there yet?"

It's the start of summer, which means it is time for a ROAD TRIP! Whether you are headed to grandma's house for the weekend or a cross-country adventure, these printables will provide some much needed distraction from the constant, "Are we there yet?"

My mom and I took a road trip two years ago to Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg (from Indiana) with my daughter, who was 4 at the time. Crazy, right? I'm not even kidding, we were not even out of our county before she asked how much longer until we got there! I only wish I had thought to grab some printable fun for her so that she wouldn't have spent so much time on electronics.

Road Trip


This first printable, available as a PDF download here, is a Road Trip BINGO. I used photos so that it is friendly for older and younger kids. Additionally, the photos are open to interpretation. Perhaps you view one of them as a highway or maybe it is meant to indicate any green sign. One of them could mean the ocean, the beach, or any body of water. This allows for use in many places, depending where you are traveling.

Road Trip Bingo

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love to do a scavenger hunt? Why not use the time on a road trip to allow the kids to practice their photography skills? This photo scavenger hunt is fun for any age. Be as creative as you like! Don't forget to use the hashtag at the bottom of the printable. Also, if you're going to the beach, be sure to check out my Beach Scavenger Hunt printable.

Road Trip Photo Hunt

Road Trip A to Z

One of my family's favorite road trip games is to find billboards that start with each letter of the alphabet. I made this printable to help you keep track of the fun signs you find. For some fun variations, try finding the billboards in alphabetical order, one per sign. You could also say that the word MUST start with the letter, not just be found somewhere on the billboard. I would love to hear what variations you come up with for this fun game. Leave them in the comments!

Road Trip A to Z

Let's go on a road trip with some friends! Check out my fellow GalPals to see what they have created on their blogs.